Working for the Health of Provider Practices and Chronic Condition Patients

Stone Health Innovations provides physicians and patients with a complete healthcare solution.

From practice flow consulting to the implementation of revenue-producing programs such as chronic care management, annual wellness visits and transitions in care management along with a comprehensive data warehouse, data analytics, EMR integration, and flexible patient engagement offerings across all payor types-

You Will See Results and Your Patients Will Feel the Difference

Flexible Program and Pricing Models.

Stone Health solves the struggle providers have in their ability to afford the additional care coordination staff and the information technologies they need to engage their patients in real healthful activities, risk assessments, and care coordination.

We understand your needs.

Stone Health Innovations provides you with real, workable solutions-  revenue-driving, flexible models that we design to meet your specific needs. We call these solutions “Care Combinations”.

You chose which programs and technologies you need, we implement them with no burden on you.


Optimized Practice Revenues.

Stone Health is your partner in helping your practice to become its healthiest by optimizing your revenues.

We know you work hard.

We know you care for your patients.

We also know that in order for you to keep working hard you need your practice’s bottom line to be its healthiest.

It’s simple. When your practice is healthy. Your patients are healthy. At Stone Health, we understand that.

Improved Outcomes.

Stone Health Innovations improves your clinical, utilization and financial outcomes. Utilizing our proprietary care model, “IdeaCare”, we collect, analyze and act on population data and employ strategic patient engagement methodologies creating better care for your patients and value for you.

Using an “embedded practice “model, you can be sure the person engaging with your patient meets your expectations.

We gather real-time, actionable patient data through the use of validated pre-populated clinical screens.

We develop patient-centered plans of care.

We proactively engage patients in preventive health screening fulfillment,

Integrated Technology.

EMR integration, data warehouse, and data analytics? -Yes, We do that.

We know some practices and ACOs want to integrate with their current EMR. We can do that.

We also know that some practices and ACOs are not at the point for EMR integration. We do that, too.

At Stone Health, we work with you to find “just the right fit” in integration- Now and in the future.

From revenue producing programs to population health data analytics, to IT integration,

Stone Health Innovations is your partner in finding “just the right fit”.

Want to Learn More?

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Best of Health and Success to You and Your Patients,

-Susan Lanesey, President & CEO

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