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Pre-Visit CCM

Introducing a CCM Program Unlike Any You’ve Seen Before

Improved No-Show Rates

Streamlined Office Visits

Significantly Reduced Burden of Care on Provider and Staff

Improved Chronic Care Management Coordination

Improved Gaps-in-Care Fulfillment

Improved Medicare CCM Patient Engagement Rates

Significantly Improved Patient Satisfaction

Optimization of Provider and Staff Time

Significantly Increased CCM Practice Revenues


Help, I can’t get my CCM Program off the Ground!

Yes. You Can.

Introducing the Stone Health “Quick Start CCM Program”


7 Simple Steps to a Successful CCM Program

1) Rethink Your CCM Strategy
Do not Silo Your CCM Program. Your CCM Program Should be a part of your Team-Based Care Strategy. If it isn’t, you’re doing yourself a disservice- you are not optimizing your care or your returns. You’re really already doing Team-Based Care. You just don’t realize it. We’ll help you see it clearer.
2) Call Stone Health to get started with the "CCM Quick Start Program"
Yes, you can run a successful CCM program yourself but you need help integrating it into your Team’s daily processes. Stone Health will get you up and running in a matter of days. The Stone Health “CCM Quick Start Program”-More money for what you do with less stress.
3) Stone Health Enrolls Your Patients and Starts Your Care Plans
Enrolling your patients is your biggest challenge. Most offices enroll 10-50 patients into the program, get frustrated and stop. If you do this, your program will fail your patients and your bottom line.
4) Your Staff will Use the Streamlined and Simple Stone Health Cloud-Based App to Take Credit for All of the CCM Billable Activities They Do Each Day

You and your staff will click the Stone Health CCM button each time you reach out to your CCM patients for care coordination, medication refill and reconciliation, lab reviews, and pre-visit readiness review. Why? Because you are already doing CCM activities. You just need a streamlined way of capturing what you are doing and documenting it to be compliant and to be able to bill for your valuable time. That’s what the Stone Health system does.

5) Stone Health Will Bill Your CCM Activities Monthly to Payers on Your Behalf
You’re a busy healthcare provider. Tracking and billing for CCM is what you hire Stone Health for.
6) Stone Health Provides You Monthly Reports of Your CCM Activities and Your Care Plans
It’s what we do.
7) Get Paid
You will see how much quality time you really spend with your patients. And you will get paid for what you do every day. You will be able to update care plans, see all activities you and your staff have completed with your patients and which patients need outreach all in a simple system/report. Your CCM program, your CCM revenues- optimized.

Want More Help?

Here’s a Portfolio of Our Solutions

Provider-Based Care Management Solutions

Individual Patient Health Advisory Services

Process and Revenue Consulting Services

Customized Care Management Technology Solutions

Customized Provider and Organization Services Offerings

Don’t Have the Time or Resources to Build Your Own CCM Program?

  • Let Us Help You Optimize Your Patient Care and CCM Revenue Quickly and Efficiently
  • We Build and Kickoff Your Program for You- Your Preferences/Your Program/Your Revenue
  • Your EMR or Our Efficient Cloud-Based Technology- The Decision is Yours
  • Ask About Our Pre-Visit CCM Program- Power up the value of your CCM by Streamlining Your Visits
  • Technology Solutions/Applied Clinical Informatics/Analytics/Warehouse Consulting/Services
  • Practice Efficiency & Revenue Cycle Optimization Consulting/Implementation
Provider and Organization Traditional Service Offerings
  • Virtual or Embedded Chronic Care Management
  • Comprehensive Embedded Annual Wellness Visits
  • Transitional Care Management
  • Comprehensive MIPS Reporting
  • HEDIS Data Collection


Individual Patient Advisory Services
  • Comprehensive Health Care Coordination and Support Services for Patients with Complex Needs
  • Personal Health Strategy and Planning Services -Let’s Make a Solid Plan for Your Future Health, Together
  • Disease Education, Medical Records Coordination, and Compilation
  • Discharge Planning Assistance
  • Family Support Coordination Services
  • Home Care/SNF/Adult Care Facility Coordination Advisory Services
  • Specialist/PCP Provider Coordination and Communication

Feel Like You’re Losing Control of Your Practice and Career?

The Problem

You’d Like to Find a Way to Increase Your Practice Revenues

You’d Like to Be Able to Spend More Time with Your Patients

You’d Like to Reduce Your Administrative Burden

You’d Like to Have No Burden of Implementing Yet Another Quality Program

The Need

I Need a Customizable Solution that Puts Me in Control of My Practice

I Need a Flexible Solution that Grows with My Patient Population Needs

I Need a Solution with NO Upfront Investment

I Need to Trust the People Who Are Working with My Patients

I Need  a Partner Who Understands my Practice Needs

The Solution

Stone Health Innovations provides physicians and their office team with a complete solution. From practice flow consulting to improved patient engagement to implementation of revenue-producing programs, you will see results.

 › More Time with Your Patients

 › Smoother Daily Practice Flow

› Increased Patient Engagement and Healthfulness

› Real Staff Members that You Can Trust

› Improved Practice Revenue

Flexible Staffing and Pricing Models.

Stone Health solves the struggle providers have in their ability to afford the additional care coordination staff and the information technologies they need to engage their Medicare patients in real healthful activities, risk assessments and care coordination.

We understand your needs.

Stone Health Innovations provides you with real, workable solutions- no up-front costs, revenue-driving, flexible models that we design to meet your specific needs. We call these solutions “Care Combinations”.

You chose which programs you need, we implement the program(s) with no burden on you.

Optimized Practice Revenues.

Stone Health is your partner in helping your practice to become its healthiest by optimizing your revenues.

We know you work hard.

We know you care for your patients.

We also know that in order for you to keep working hard you need your practice’s bottom line to be its healthiest.

It’s simple. When your practice is healthy. Your patients are healthy. At Stone Health, we understand that.

Improved Outcomes.

Stone Health Innovations improves your clinical, utilization and financial outcomes. Utilizing our proprietary care model, “IdeaCare”, we collect, analyze and act on population data and employ strategic patient engagement methodologies creating better care for your patients and value for you.

Our no-upfront costs, solutions bring a holistic view of your patients into sight.

Using an “embedded practice “model, you can be sure the person engaging with your patient meets your expectations.

We gather real-time, actionable patient data through the use of validated pre-populated clinical screens.

We develop patient-centered plans of care.

We proactively engage patients in preventive health screening fulfillment,

Integrated Technology.

The Stone Health IdeaCare system is one of the most interoperable in the healthcare business.

We know some practices and ACOs want to integrate with their current EMR. We can do that.

We also know that some practices and ACOs are not at the point to integrate with their EMR. We can do that too.

At Stone Health, we work with you to find “just the right fit” in integration- Now and in the future.

From programs, to billing, to information technology,

Stone Health Innovations is your partner in finding “just the right fit”.

Let’s Take of Tour of the Stone Health Innovations Ideacare Solution.

Want to Learn More?

Thank you for your interest in Stone Health Innovations. Please give us your name, phone and/or email address and we will reach out quickly to see how we can help you get started.

Best of Health and Success to You and Your Patients,

-Susan Lanesey, President & CEO

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