Medicare Chronic Care Management


The CCM Program that Truly Works for Providers and Patients

The Stone Health Innovations “IdeaCare” Solution

Tell me more about Medicare Chronic Care Management


Starting in January 2015, CMS began paying physicians for chronic care management for Medicare patients who have 2 or more chronic conditions


Billing for the new code allows providers

a new revenue stream into their practices

The Requirements for Billing the New Code are Many

Meeting the service provision requirements under the new CCM code can be a complicated, time-consuming process and can be prohibitively expensive for a provider to implement.

Stone Health Innovations Can Help



Don’t Leave a New and Sustained Revenue Stream on the Table


Most providers want to provide excellent care to their patients and optimize the reimbursements provided by CMS. Stone Health will help you provide the services and documentation necessary to bill for the CCM code so that you can run a financially successful practice even if you don’t have the technology or staff to do CCM in your office.

 With Stone Health You Can.






Don't Open Yourself Up to Being Non-Compliant


The Stone Health “IdeaCare” Solution provides a simple-to-implement, completely auditable, CMS compliant chronic care management program allowing you to confidently submit claims and receive the chronic care reimbursements that you need and that you deserve for creating healthier patients.




Let Stone Health Help You Optimize Your Patient Care and Revenue Today


With the Stone Health “IdeaCare” System,  we simplify the chronic care management process, improve outcomes, increase patient satisfaction and decrease unnecessary treatment costs. In coordination with the provider’s team, we employ tele-health coordination and patient coaching programs with our state-of-the art care management system. Every activity is tracked, timed, and reported so that you meet the requirements of CMS.



But How Can I Afford to Implement A CCM Program?


Stone Health charges no upfront fees  for technology or services. 

We charge a per-patient-per-month fee based on the number of patients being managed using IdeaCare. This gives providers a virtually risk free way to quickly add Chronic Care Management to their practices.

What’s even Better, is that we track the intervention time your office staff spends with the patient and we track the time our staff spends with the patient.

This means more profit for you and better care for your patients. 

Working with Stone Health Just Makes Sense Doesn’t It?



Tell Me More About the Stone Health Chronic Care Management Program


The Stone Health CCM Program Includes our Proprietary IdeaCare Patient Health Management System and Our Care Coordination Staffing Solutions

You Can Opt to Use Both Our IT System and CCM Staff or Just Our IT System. It’s Your Choice. We’ll Support You Either Way You Go.

IdeaCare is the EMR Agnostic Engine Behind the Stone Health Chronic Care Management Program


IdeaCare is simple to implement and simple to use in or out of your office. Even better, you and your staff can work along side our Care Mangers in IdeaCare to manage your patients’ chronic illnesses so that you can be sure your patients get true CCM interventions and you can optimize your reimbursements by insuring patients get at least 20 minutes of CCM services monthly.


IdeaCare logs and tracks all patient 


performs automatic time tracking, and generates all reports needed for CMS billing.  

It insures the highest in compliance with CMS requirements for the new CCM code.


The “IdeaCare” System is cloud-based. You and all of the patient’s care team members have HIPAA-compliant access to patient-centered care plans. Care managers have pre-populated tools to conduct risk reviews, care coordination and other CCM activities. These activities can be scheduled and completed anytime, anywhere.

You, your patient and the patient’s care team members receive care plans and activities reports monthly sent electronically to you and other providers and sent to the patient based on their preference of receipt.

Smooth transitions from acute care setting to community are critically important and must be timely. The “IdeaCare” system tracks discharge dates as well as appointments needed, scheduled and completed to insure your patients receive expert transitions and you optimize reimbursements for Transitional Care Service Codes.

The “IdeaCare” system is just part of the Stone Health CCM Program. Our trained staff is the other. We work closely with your office staff, your patients and with you to insure the patient is safe at home, and has the services and coordination needed to improve outcomes and reduce unnecessary healthcare costs.

And Our CCM Program is a True CCM Program; One Loaded with Real Evidence Based Screening Tools, and Assessments that Track Patient-Centered Goals.


Did I Hear Someone Say they Want to Optimize Their HEDIS Capture and Reimbursements Proactively?

Tired of the Last Minute HEDIS Push Killing Your Staff and Your Productivity?


Look No Further than Stone Health.




Stone Health provides a turnkey CMS compliant CCM solution to improve patient care allowing providers like you to qualify, document, and bill for the millions of dollars of reimbursements waiting to be claimed. Dont go it alone and dont leave hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

Call Stone Health today.

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