Tell me more about Medicare Chronic Care Management


Starting in January 2015, CMS began paying physicians for chronic care management for Medicare patients who have 2 or more chronic conditions


Since 2015, CMS has continued to increase the number of different CCM codes that you may bill


Billing for the new codes allows providers a new revenue stream into their practices

The requirements for billing the CCM codes are many

Meeting the service provision requirements under the new CCM codes can be a complicated, time-consuming process and can be prohibitively expensive for a provider to implement.

Stone Health Innovations can help



Don’t Leave a New and Sustained Revenue Stream on the Table


Most providers want to provide excellent care to their patients and optimize the reimbursements provided by CMS. Stone Health will help you provide the services and documentation necessary to bill for the CCM codes so that you can run a financially successful practice even if you don’t have the technology or staff to do CCM in your office.

 With Stone Health You Can.






Don't Open Yourself Up to Being Non-Compliant


The Stone Health “IdeaCare” Solution provides a simple-to-implement, completely auditable, CMS compliant chronic care management program allowing you to confidently submit claims and receive the chronic care reimbursements that you need and that you deserve for creating healthier patients.




Let Stone Health Help You Optimize Your Patient Care and Revenue Today


With the Stone Health “IdeaCare” System,  we simplify the chronic care management process, improve outcomes, increase patient satisfaction and decrease unnecessary treatment costs. In coordination with the provider’s team, we employ tele-health coordination and patient coaching programs with our state-of-the art care management system. Every activity is tracked, timed, and reported so that you meet the requirements of CMS.



But How Can I Afford to Implement A CCM Program?


Stone Health designs pricing, service and technology models that work for your practice and patient population needs.  

This means more profit for you and better care for your patients.




Stone Health provides a turnkey CMS compliant CCM solution to improve patient care allowing providers like you to qualify, document, and bill for the millions of dollars of reimbursements waiting to be claimed. Dont go it alone and dont leave hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

Call Stone Health today.