Portfolio of Stone Health Reports 

Stone Health Innovations is a company owned and managed by clinicians with over 25 years clinical, and operational experience across the entire patient continuum of care environment. Our leadership team is further solidified with seasoned finance and technology experts with over 20 years experience in their respective industries.

As clinicians and industry experts, we know you need reports at the point-of-care to operate and monitor what you do best. That’s why we deliberately developed real-time, point-of care reports within our care management platform, IdeaCare. Our reports provide your clinicians with cloud-based, point-of-care reports that will optimize their effectiveness, the health of your populations and the financial success and compliance in your programs. We provide your leadership teams with the reports they need to arm them with the ability to quickly identify the challenges, opportunities and programmatic needs and to report to your payors with ease to ensure optimal success.

We also know that some organizations are interested in developing more robust BI analytics capacities with the development of a data warehouse and analytics interface; one that pulls in mission critical information from a number of sources for a total population health view to value-based care.

Whatever your reporting needs, we’ve got you covered.

IdeaCare Population Health Management Reports

Total Patient Panel Report

Number of patients with a particular chronic disease/or particular disease combinations

Number and Name of all patients with open preventive health care gaps

Social Determinants of Health Reports-Customized Patient Engagement Surveys

Patient Enrollment/Disenrollment Dates

List of all Activities and Types of Activities Done within a particular time period

Reporting on any particular question out of any of our pre-populated patient engagement surveys

Customized development and reporting on any care gaps an organization wants to track and by payor

Population Complexity Level Reports

CCM/AWV/Transitions in Care Program Productivity and Value Reports

Number of active CCM patients

Number of New patients enrolled into the CCM program

Number of patients attempted to reach for a CCM activity

Number of patients who opted out of the CCM program

Number of patients with a successful CCM outreach during a particular period

Number of patients referred to a community agency

Number of patients that received behavioral health CCM activity

Number of patients referred for social services evaluation

Number of patients referred for behavioral health evaluation

Patient self-reported assessment of health status

Number of patients in program with an active patient-centered care plan

Number of patients who have had 20 minutes or more of CCM activity in a given month/quarter/year

Number of patients with less than 20 minutes of CCM activity in a given month/quarter/year

Reports on Specific Types of Activities Completed as part of the CCM/AWV/Transitions in Care

Number/Name/Date of patients who had a fall risk screen

Number/Name/Date of patients with depression screen

Number/Name/Date of patients who had a preventive HEDIS/Care Gap screening review

Number/Name/Date of patients with an exercise screen

Number/Name/Date of patients with a Functional Screen

Number/Name/Date of Patients with a Tobacco Assessment

Number/Name/Date of Patients with an Alcohol Assessment

Number/Name/Date of patients who had a pain screen

Number/Name/date of patients who had a nutritional screen

Number/Name/Date of patients who had a urinary incontinence screen

Number/Name Date of patients with patient survey completed and reports on individual survey responses

Number/Name Date of Patients with Follow up to Community Resources

Number/Name Date of Patients with Referral to Specialists

Comprehensive Chart Review Reports

Patients who have had a BMI and the date performed

Labs/studies/exams/ assessments and the date they were performed with results

Specific Screens completed and dates performed with results

Customization of Reports Specific to Your Payor Reporting Needs

Comprehensive Date Warehouse Reports

Longitudinal Total Cost of Care and  Utilization Trend Reports

Provider Panel Reports

Network Performance and Referral Reports

ACO Shared Savings Distribution Reports

Predictive Modeling


Don't Forget--Your Regulatory Program Compliance Reports

Comprehensive System User Access Report

Comprehensive Clinical Documentation Audit Report

Comprehensive Shared PHI Clinical Documentation Report


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