The Stone Health “QuickCare CCM Model”


6 Simple Steps to a Successful CCM Program

1) Rethink Your CCM Strategy

Do not Silo Your CCM Program. Your CCM Program Should be a part of your Team-Based Care Strategy. If it isn’t, you’re doing yourself a disservice- you are not getting paid for what you are already doing and if you’re paying a CCM company for telephonic CCM outreach you’re overpaying for a program that is inefficient and NOT clinically integrated. You’re really already doing CCM and Team-Based Care. You just need Stone Health to help you with the technology, administrative burden, and compliance management.

2) Call Stone Health to Get Started

Yes, you can run a successful and efficient CCM program, but you need help integrating it into your Team’s daily processes. Stone Health will get you up and running in no time. The Stone Health “QuickCare CCM Model”-More money for what you do with less stress.

3) Stone Health Clinically Integrated Staff Helps to Get Your Patients Enrolled Efficiently

Enrolling your patients is your biggest challenge. Most offices enroll 10-50 patients into the program, get frustrated and stop. If you do this, your program will fail your patients and your bottom line.

4) Your Clinical Staff will Use the Stone Health QuickCare app

Your clinical staff will utilize the user-friendly Stone Health QuickCare app. to take credit for CCM activities they do every day for your chronic patients. You’re doing the work. You just need a streamlined way of capturing what you are doing and documenting it to be compliant and to be able to bill for your valuable time. That’s what the Stone Health QuickCare Model is all about.

5) Stone Health Supports You with Clinically Integrated Staff Making CCM Efficient, Effective and Yes, Even Fun

It’s what we do.

6) Get Paid

You will see how much quality time you really spend with your patients. And you will get paid for what you do every day. Our clinically integrated staff will help you with all of the other administrative duties to ensure compliance with program regulations and to help you drive both a clinically and, financially, successful CCM program.  Your CCM program. Your CCM revenues- right-sized.