Stone Health Innovations

CCM Program Results

Q4 2015

Single PCMH

Level 3

Recognized Provider



Stone Health Innovations has helped an early-adopter physician practice to realize positive results in the new CMS Chronic Care Management Program. Stone Health was a first- to- market company for the new program, having implemented one of its initial CCM programs early in May 2015.

The results of the collaboration between Stone Health and our PCMH Level 3 recognized provider are the first real glimpse of the power that the new CMS CCM program holds for patients and providers, alike. The Stone Health CCM program results show positive patient engagement rates, positive practice gross revenue and significantly high preventive services and gaps in care fulfillment rates compared to market performance.

The Stone Health report of CCM program results are the product of analyses done on the data collected within the Stone Health information technology platform, IdeaCare, a system developed with well- defined discrete, searchable, data fields created to allow for effective and efficient population health reporting. The results reflect the CCM program over the course of an 8 month period in a bilingual, diverse 235 patient Medicare population- one of the initial CCM programs implemented by Stone Health in May, 2015 at the infancy of the CMS CCM program.


These extremely positive results are a testament to the simplicity of use of the Stone Health IdeaCare system for the end user, the effectiveness of the engaging IdeaCare patient care screens and the capacity of the system to store and recall actionable data real-time. They represent our mission well- “Healthier practices. Healthier patients.” 





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Let Stone Health be your partner in success. With our “IdeaCare” program, we empower your practice to expand your patient engagement through our “embedded practice model”. We are an extension of your team providing Medicare Annual Wellness Visits, Chronic Care Management and Transitional Care Management services right within your practice. With Stone Health by your side, your new Medicare programs will be up and running in no time with cutting edge population analytics and coordinated care programs, driving a great deal of additional revenue into your practice, improving patient care and preparing you for value -based reimbursement models.

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